Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Microsoft shows off early peek at Windows Server 8

Today Microsoft provided a brief peek at Windows Server 8. Mary-Jo Foley blogs about it live from WPC. Check out her blog post here.

In summary, three points were covered at WPC.

16+ virtual processors within a Hyper-V VM. The team did a demo on a 16 virtual processor machine under heavy load. Note that 16 virtual processor is not the limit!

Hyper-V Replica. This is something very interesting in today’s context to achieve resiliency. Hyper-V Replica is asynchronous, application consistent and has virtual machine replication built-in. You can replicate from one location to another, independent of hardware vendor, regardless its server, network or storage.

Unlimited replication in the box. This feature is to challenge VMWare VSphere 5.0 VM replication with Site Recovery Manager. Hyper-V provides unlimited replication in the box while VMWare is charging customers per VM to replicate.

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